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Spotify Premium APK for Android Users: If you are a die-hard music lover, So You must use the Spotify app, if you already use Spotify I know what problem you face. while listening to songs Spotify shows you ads and this is not only one problem you can’t listen offline and can’t skip unlimited.

One solution to these all problems is Spotify Premium. however, Spotify Premium comes with its own challenge as it requires payment. Now you don’t have to worry about the subscription either. Today after downloading my Spotify Premium APK app, you will be able to enjoy all premium features without spending a single penny!

What Is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium Apk is the paid and modded version of the Spotify app where you can listen to and enjoy all your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts, and albums without skipping any ads. This is like heaven for music lovers. In this app, you can make a playlist of your favorite songs. 

For instance, if you’re at the gym and prefer listening to songs that energize you during workouts, you can create a separate playlist for those. Similarly, if you’ve recently gone through a break-up, you can create a playlist specifically for sad songs. Right now in 2024, Spotify Premium is the #1 music streaming app in the world. 

And it will be why not, because of its amazing features, and user-friendly app interface which makes using the app quite easy. Also, Spotify mod apk offers a Download music feature that Spotify free version does not offer. well, it’s not only one feature we will deep dive into all Spotify premium apk features.

Features of Spotify Premium APK

Let’s dive into Spotify Premium APK all features in detail, After discovering the features of this app, you’ll find yourself compelled to download it.

Spotify Pre,mium APk ads free

No Ads

To skip ads on Spotify, you must wait 15 or 30 seconds. But in this Spotify Premium mod apk app, Audio and Visual ads are not come and this is the best thing about Spotify Premium because no one wants disturbance while listening to music or any other art.
Spotify premium APK offline

Offline Listing

Spotify Premium allows you to download songs and if you wanna listen offline then first download the song that you wanna listen to offline, after downloading the song you can listen to songs offline, Now you can vibe offline!
Spotify premium APK unlimited skips

Unlimited Shuffles

In the Spotify free version, you have limited skips in average you can skip six songs in one hour but In Spotify Premium you’ll able to skip, and Unlimited shuffles the songs. It seems like the music world is at your fingertips.
Spotify premium APK with 320kbps

Unlocked 320kbps

In the Spotify free version, you have limited skips in average you can skip six songs in one hour but In Spotify Premium you’ll able to skip, and Unlimited shuffles the songs. It seems like the music world is at your fingertips.
how to get the spotify ai dj qqdw.1248 removebg preview

Spotify AI DJ

Spotify AI DJ makes custom playlists for you according to your listening history, also Spotify AI DJ provides commentary for you. This feature is really amazing. Right now this Spotify AI DJ Feature has launched In only two countries, the USA and Canada.
Spotify premium apk FWD Button Unlocked

Seek FWD Button Unlocked

Using the seek button You can listen to the specific part of any song that you like to listen to more. for example, If you very much like the hook of the song, you can playback the song and listen to the hook again and again.
Spotify Unlocked Access to Exclusive Content

Unlocked Exclusive Content

When an artist uploads some exclusive content or any other episode for paid subscribers that only can asses premium users. As you know you are a Spotify premium apk user so, you can easily access exclusive content..!
Root Not Necessary to download Spotify premium APK

Root Not Necessary

you don’t need to root your device or download any third-party applications to use Spotify premium APK, like many other APKs that often demand extra apps or rooting, this one keeps it straightforward and doesn’t require any of that hassle.

Some Additional Features

Here are some more features that make this app crazy!

  • Spotify Connect Unlocked
  • Spotify Wrapped
  • Lyrics View
  • Canvas and Lyrics Sharing Unlocked
  • Crossfade Functionality Enabled
  • High-Quality Streaming of Videos
  • Robust Tools for Discovering Music
  • Improved Audio Quality
  • Theme Support Included
  • Disabled Analytics and Crash Reports

How To Download And Install Spotify Premium

if you have already installed Spotify on your mobile, you’ll have to delete it otherwise you can’t download the Spotify Premium Mod APK. To Download and instal thel Spotify Premium is just a piece of cake simply follow my steps:

Downloading Steps

  • Firstly click on the “DOWNLOAD” button
  • Wait for a few seconds, and if your internet is slow, wait for a few minutes.
  • Now, Your File was successfully downloaded
Spotify premium APK downloading steps

Installation Steps

  • If you already have installed the Spotify app first delete them
  • click on “INSTALL”
  • Finally, The App was Installed
Spotify premium APK Installing steps

How To Create Account On Spotify Premium

NOTE: You cannot create an account on that email if you already have a Spotify account associated with it, so you’ve to sign up with a new email. Follow my steps to sign up on Spotify Premium:

  • Firstly open the Spotify Premium apk app 
  • click on “SIGH UP FREE”
  • Enter Your Email
  • Create Your Password
  • Enter Your Date Of Birth
  • Select Your Gender
  • Lastly, Enter Your Name
  • Now, You Can Enjoy Spotify Premium For Free!

Spotify Premium vs Spotify Free

Spotify free not offer all the features that we discussed in detail. In Spotify Premium you enjoy ads-free music experience moreover Spotify Premium offers high-quality audio (320kbps) and offline listening features also spotify free version does not offer unlimited skips and shuffles.

Also Spotify Premium gives you access to exclusive content, in Spotify free you need to pay for the exclusive content of any artist. In Spotify Premium you need to buy a subscription but in Spotify Premium APK you don’t need to pay any subscription. You can easily enjoy all the Premium features for free after downloading Spotify Premium Mod APK. In comparison between Spotify Premium and Spotify Free, Spotify Premium was easily won!

Spotify Free and Spotify Premium Difference

Table with Poppins Font




Without ads listeningNot AvailableAvailable
Offline listeningNot AvailableAvailable
Unlimited ShufflesNot AvailableAvailable
High Quality audio 320kbpsNot AvailableAvailable
Access on Exclusive ContentNoYes
Seeking buttonNot AvailableAvailable
Spotify AI DJNot AvailableAvailable only for USA and Canada Users


After downloading our Spotify Premium apk app, you can enjoy all Spotify Premium features for a lifetime without any cost.

The only competitor to Spotify is Apple Music, and Spotify has left it behind as well. No doubt, right now, Spotify is the best streaming service in the world.

Yes, Spotify Premium APK provides you all premium features without any limitation.

Yes, the Spotify Mod apk app is fully secured and safe

No, you cannot download the Mod Version in IOS, However, you can download the “Spotify++ For IOS”. this is the Unlocked version of the Official Spotify IOS App.

Conclusion Of This Article

In this article, we learned about Spotify Premium apk features that are not available in the free version, and we learned instructions on how to download, install, and create an account on Spotify Premium, we also include a section comparing Spotify Premium with the free version, as well as a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address potential queries and if you face any issue or problem while downloading and other so contact us, and you can also share your experience with this app.