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Spotify Premium For PC

As you already know, we can log in to Spotify on a web browser on our computer and enjoy it. So, you might be wondering why we download  “Spotify Premium for PC” on a computer. Let me tell you why.

To enjoy the premium features on your computer you need to pay a subscription, and also you need an internet connection to open the Spotify in browser but today, after downloading my app, you can enjoy all the premium features for free and use the app offline! I will also tell you how you can download it.

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What Is Spotify Premium For PC?

The ‘Spotify Premium for PC’ is the Windows version of the Spotify app that you can download in your PC/laptop and listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks on your computer with premium features. Also with the Spotify Premium PC version, you can download millions of tracks to listening them offline.

The Spotify Premium mod for the PC version solves your biggest problem, which is the internet connection because most people listen to songs by logging in on the web, they need the internet to use Spotify But, in Spotify Premium for PC, an internet connection is not necessary. This is the reason that makes this app special for PC users.

Features OF Spotify Premium PC MOD

It’s features time! Now, we’ll explore the features of this app, after knowing this app’s features you will realize why a “premium” is applied to this app’s original name.

Ad-Free Listening

If you are using Spotify on the web or without premium, you know that ads destroy our moods and patience. Now, after downloading Spotify Premium for PC, you won’t be bothered by any kind of ads. So, you can listen to any song without any pesky ads 

Offline Listening And Download

As I told you, In Spotify Premium for Windows internet it isn’t necessary you can listen to the songs by downloading them. And remember, the option to download songs is only available in the premium version.

Unlimited Shuffles

Smart Shuffle primarily aims to create a good mix with your created playlists or Liked Songs, enhancing your listening experience with a variety of new and interesting tracks. Additionally, shuffling helps in keeping your listening experience fresh and unpredictable.

Unlimited Skips

You won’t face any kind of hindrance, you can skip freely unlimited songtracks. simply you can understand, This feature allows you to easily change tracks according to your mood or preference.

Explore Millions of Artists

Spotify is the world’s number 1 streaming platform globally, where you can find artists of all kinds, including hip-hop, pop, R&B, and every genre, each with its unique vibe. So, download the app now and connect with the music universe.

Higher Sound Quality

Spotify Premium for PC allows you to download the song in 320 kbps MP3 file which is top-notch audio quality, It enhances your listening experience and helps you to listen to the track more clearly.

App Interface

By downloading Spotify Premium on your desktop You can effectively manage your playlists and music library because, In the PC version, you get a large screen that makes using the app very easy and simple.

How to download and install Spotify MOD In PC

Downloading Spotify Premium for PC is very easy; I will guide you step-by-step, and you just need to follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button above the info box in this article, and once the app is downloaded, go to your PC’s Download folder. Then, click on the downloaded file there.

Spotify premium apk for pc downloading steps

Step 2: When you click on the downloaded file, your file installation process will start. At this point, you will need to wait for a few minutes. If your internet is fast, the file will be installed in just a few seconds; otherwise, it may take a few minutes.

Spotify premium apk for pc installing steps

Step 3: You just need to wait for the file installation, and after that, the application will automatically open. When you open the app, you will see an interface like this.

Spotify premium apk for pc app

Congratulations! The Spotify Premium mod version has been successfully downloaded on your PC/Laptop. Now, simply create an account on it and enjoy premium features for free!

Spotify Desktop vs Web Player

I’ll show you a comparison of both in simple words, and you can judge for yourself which one is better, Let’s see which one is better! To use Spotify on a PC/laptop, you have two options: first is log in to Spotify through a web browser and second is to install the Spotify application on your PC/laptop. 

The desktop version provides you with better sound quality, and there is also an offline mode feature available, which is available only for premium users and you know after you download this “Spotify Premium for PC” app you will become a premium user without subscribing. Additionally, in Spotify’s desktop version, you can organize your playlists or library in a better way.

In the web player to listen to your favorite music tracks, you don’t need to install the app. However, it doesn’t have an offline mode. Even if you purchased a subscription on the web, you still need internet to log in to the web and there are some missing functionalities in the web player like there is more flexibility in playlist organization that is not available in the web player.

If I share my point of view, in my opinion, it would be more appropriate to download Spotify on the desktop. As a music lover, I don’t think 50 to 60 MB holds much significance for me.


It is a modified version of the official app. You can say it’s an unlocked version where you don’t need to pay money for premium features.

Maybe, using a mod or any unauthorized third-party application to modify or manipulate Spotify’s services can violate Spotify’s terms of service.

No, you can simply click on the download button provided in this article, download the file, install it, and enjoy Spotify Premium on your PC without any interruptions.

Mod apps provide you with all the features that may not be available on the original app or require a subscription to access these features. You can experience the modified version of the original app by downloading the modded app.

Spotify does offer a free version for PC. However, keep in mind that the features available in the free version may be limited compared to the premium subscription.


In this article, we suggest downloading a modified version of Spotify Premium for PC, claiming it provides free access to premium features like ad-free listening, offline mode, and more. we highlight the benefits of using the desktop app over the web player and also warn users about potential consequences, such as a ban, for violating Spotify’s terms of service and we answer some common questions, stating that no third-party apps are required for installation and reminding users of the limitations of Spotify’s free version.

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