How To Change Your Spotify Account Email

How To Change Your Spotify Account Email

Creating an account on Spotify will ask you for a password and email address if you haven’t already done so. But what happens when one wants to change the email address associated with his/her Spotify account? There must be some way out, beyond any reasonable doubt. In this piece, I will describe you how to change your Spotify account email address. Consequently, read to the end of this post.

How To Change Your Spotify Account Email: Step-by-step Guide

Changing the email address associated with your Spotify account is easy. Within minutes you will be done with what you need to do. Nevertheless, if this is your first time, you may encounter some problems; therefore, make sure that you follow each step closely.

  • First of all open a browser and type in URL
  • After that input your password, an e-mail address and user name to access the Spotify account.
  • Again then go to “your account” section on another page and continue.
  • Afterwards, click on “edit profile.”
  • You will find the option of a new email next.
  • Enter the new email address before clicking SAVE PROFILE to include it into your Spotify account.

Why can’t I change Spotify’s email?

Why can’t I change Spotify’s email?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to change the email address. Identifying the specific cause will help you to fix it faster.

  • Sometimes Spotify undergoes temporary glitches or malfunctions; hence, give it time to rectify such issues if this is what caused it.
  • If you signed in using Facebook or Google, you cannot change your Spotify account’s email address.

How To change Spotify email without a password?

To change the email address you used to register with Spotify, first of all you have to sign in. If you are signed in now, then it is easy for you to alter your password on Spotify. But if you can’t remember it and cannot log in, make sure that your password is reset first.

  • Go to
  • Enter your email address or username.
  • Click SEND.
  • Check your email for a reset link from Spotify.
  • Click on the reset link received in your email.
  • Enter a new password.
  • Now, use this new password to log in to your Spotify account.


If you signed up for Spotify using your Facebook or Google account, your Spotify emails will be associated with these platforms. In this case, it is not possible to change the address of your email directly by Spotify. If you want to use a different email, then consider making a new and unlinked Spotify account.

Make sure that there are no temporary disturbances in the system while you are doing something with your Spotify e-mail and wait a bit before trying again. If they persist, contact the customer support service of Spotify.

Sadly you cannot change your spotify e-mail through the phone but rather on web browser instead. Sign in to on both computers and mobile devices then select account settings where you can enter new e-mail.

After updating your Spotify mail, it might take some time for all devices and services to register these changes. To see if it has been updated yet just give it about five minutes before refreshing your spotify profile or logging out- in process will be successful as well.

Bottom Line

Now, you understand how to change your Spotify account email. I explained the rest of the questions and provided a breakdown into very simple steps that can be understood by anyone. In case this was helpful for you, let your friends know so that they too may be able to change their Spotify email addresses in the same way. I appreciate it.

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