Spotify Vs Deezer Finding the Better Option in 2024

Spotify Vs Deezer

Nowadays, everyone listens to music and everyone wants to be able to easily enjoy their favorite music in the best possible quality. In the world of music, Spotify and Deezer are both very popular and well-known platforms. Today our main topic is ‘Spotify vs Deezer’ as I have researched which one is better among them.

During my research, I found Spotify better than Deezer because Spotify offers a better overall experience with more content variety, user interface, and music discovery. However, Deezer is better than Spotify in many things. So, we will compare their features side by side and delve deeply into things.

Deezer vs. Spotify: What Are They?

First, let’s learn a bit about these apps so that you gain information about Spotify and Deezer. Then, understanding the features, subscription plans, music collection, audio quality, and user interface of these audio apps will be easier for you.


Deezer offers a variety of audio in music, podcasts and other forms. As of 2021, Deezer had about 700 workers who were charged with the responsibility of providing excellent digital entertainment to its global audience.

This service offers both free ad-supported as well as premium subscription models that give users access to a big music and audio content library thereby enabling them play their tracks offline, skip commercials, or get extra features. Some competitors to Deezer in this market include Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.


Spotify, Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006, it is an audio streaming and podcasting platform with a huge library of music and spoken-word content. It was launched officially in 2008 and currently, it has over six hundred million monthly active users which include approximately two hundred thirty-six million premium subscribers. 

The platform offers free ad-supported services as well as premium subscription options that allow ad-free listening offline playback, and higher audio quality among other things to its users, Spotify remains a global leader in digital music and podcasts world.

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Spotify vs Deezer: side by side features Comparison

User Interface

The user interface of every music streaming platform is important and must be good. So, we will compare which user interface is better between Deezer and Spotify. First, let’s explore Spotify’s UI and then Deezer’s.

Spotify’s interface is sleek and has a visually appealing green-black color scheme. It helps users find personalized music based on their song preferences. Even though managing playlists and browsing through the library of songs are easy, searching can quickly give access to a wide range of content for downloading. Briefly, Spotify UI/UX features are quite sweet for musical discovery by users.

Deezer User Interface is light-colored with bright color scheme. The homepage is customized to show what kind of music one listens or prefers most recently and recommendations on such genre. Accessing favorite genres, artists and playlists by users is straightforward. Recent activity is prominently displayed on the interface making it easy to pick up where one left off or find new tracks. The top navigation bar is always accessible for quick and easy browsing.

So, I have laid out my deep research in front of you, and now when we compare these, it is very difficult to consider either of them a clear winner in terms of UI/UX. Deezer appears to have a more user-friendly and accessible interface compared to Spotify

Music Content and Collection

There is the largest library of content on Spotify. Spotify has over 5 million podcasts and over 100 million songs, making it an unbeatable app in terms of the music genre or spoken word available for listening. Therefore, hundreds of millions of track streams occur daily on the platform indicating its high popularity and diverse global audience.

In turn, Deezer offers a wide range of music genres and artists by allowing users to access more than 90 million songs. For audio fanatics, Deezer HiFi gives you a chance to listen to 36 million tracks which are hi-fi quality. From mainstream chart-toppers to niche sounds, Deezer’s vast collection can satisfy any musical preference.

The streaming platform with more content and songs is Spotify. Spotify has clearly won in terms of content because it is more famous than Deezer, which is why there is also more content on Spotify.

Sound Quality

Spotify offers varying levels of audio quality depending on the platform and subscription type. For the web player and premium subscription, Spotify streams music at up to 160 kbit/s using Vorbis or 128 kbit/s with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). This ensures decent sound quality suitable for most listeners. Additionally, the web player can deliver higher quality up to 320 kbit/s using Vorbis or 256 kbit/s using AAC, providing a richer and more detailed listening experience Overall, Spotify’s audio quality is banger!

Same like Spotify, Deezer also provides Different audio qualities. The basic MP3 quality is at 128 kbps which is okay for casual listening. There are also high-quality audios available at 16-Bit/44 kHz FLAC audio format for premium subscribers in Deezer, delivering a better, more detailed and richer sound that can be found with CD Quality. This great music experience is usually for people who love exceptional sounds as audiophiles do.

So if we only talk about audio quality, Deezer provides better audio quality for premium subscribers because they have high-quality audio available in FLAC format, which offers a more detailed and richer sound experience compared to Spotify’s premium streaming.


The pricing of every streaming platform matters a lot. It is through the subscription that we find out how much better a platform can ultimately be. So, we will compare the subscription prices of both Spotify and Deezer to determine which platform’s pricing is more worth it.

Deezer has many subscription options that can be tailored for suitable types of users. There is a student plan which is pocket-friendly and costs $5.99 per month. The premium package will cost you $10.99 per month or $98.91 annually and allows the user to listen to music without being interrupted by ads as well as saving songs offline. Families can go with the option of paying $17.99 per month, or they can pay $196.99 annually where several profiles are made available and additional features are provided for more fun together.

Spotify also offers different subscriptions. The Student plan goes for $5.99 a month, making it an ideal choice for students who wish to stream music without ads popping up on their screens; the Premium Individual plan charges at $10.99 every 30 days, allowing unlimited access to Spotify’s extensive collection of music minus commercials; and if one would like to split the bill in half, then there is always the Premium Duo plan going for just $14.99 monthly that lets a couple enjoy Spotify each other with their own earphones or speakers

Lastly, Spotify Premium Family costs only $16.99/month enabling families with up to 6 accounts enjoy playlists created specially for them.These various choices underline how Spotify users can select from different ways depending on their personal preferences about IPOD prices and budgets they have in mind while still enjoying these services themselves or even sharing them online if need be since it accommodates everyone’s taste buds along with one’s financial status too.

In terms of pricing, Spotify have a slight edge with its Family Plan, it is cheaper at $16.99 per month compared to Deezer’s $17.99 per month. Additionally, Spotify’s plan offerings like the Duo Plan provide unique options for specific user scenarios (e.g., couples). But I’m not saying that Deezer’s premium subscription isn’t worth it, as I mentioned before that, Deezer Premium offers more higher Audio quality compared to Spotify.


Spotify is available on different platforms such as Windows, MacOS and Linux computers, as well as iOS and Android phones or tablets. It can also be accessed via devices like Amazon Echo and Google Nest smart homes, and digital media players like Roku. Spotify is available in 184 markets globally which means that it is possible to stream music through numerous gadgets anywhere.

Deezer can be streamed via the web or through various digital platforms including Android, iOS, macOS etc. It has over 180 countries worldwide where it provides access hence a huge reach for music lovers all over the world. For instance, Deezer is a great option when choosing your favorite song from countless device options as well as various operating systems; thus making it a flexible choice for anyone passionate about streaming music.

Spotify and Deezer, both streaming platforms are available in several devices and operating systems with Spotify’s available in wider areas (184) as compared to the 180 countries and markets where Deezer is available.

Overall winner

The winner overall between Spotify and Deezer is Spotify because Spotify provides more content. Spotify is more famous than Deezer, so it has every kind of music genre. Additionally, Spotify’s subscription price is quite good and pocket-friendly. However, Deezer’s subscription is also worth it because its premium version offers high-quality audio that provides a better experience than Spotify’s premium version.

 Moreover, in terms of availability, Spotify has surpassed Deezer. But every individual can have their own preference; both platforms are very good in their own right. The reason I have chosen Spotify as the winner is solely based on facts and figures, it’s my proper research on Deezer vs Spotify; I have not expressed any personal opinion on this.


In 2024, despite the hi-fi subscription option available on Deezer with exceptional audio quality, Spotify remains the favorite for many who prefer its wider range of content, ease of use, affordability and large global coverage. There are pros and cons to both platforms but Spotify’s popularity and features make a strong case for it as a preferred choice to most users.

Both platforms have friendly interfaces though Deezer has an easier-to-use UI which is more visually appealing because of its bright color scheme and easy navigation. Nevertheless, personalized music discovery is one area where Spotify performs well.

Spotify has more music in its content library with over 100m songs along with approximately five million podcasts hence extensive compared to only 90m tracks offered by Deezer. This implies that Spotify generally offers more variety and depth in terms of content.

Deezer boasts premium subscribers’ audio quality through FLAC (16-Bit/44 kHz) format giving richer sound experience akin to CD quality. On the other hand, while good sound quality can be enjoyed using its premium service at Spotify.

Deezer’s subscription plans are competitive, offering a student plan at $5.99/month, premium at $10.99/month, and family at $17.99/month. Spotify’s plans include a $5.99/month student option, $10.99/month premium, and unique choices like the $14.99/month duo plan for couples.

Bottom Line

In the battle of Spotify Vs Deezer, Both Spotify and Deezer offer interesting attributes and subscription offers, but Spotify is the clear winner because of its vast content library, wider reach and competitive prices. Nevertheless, Deezer stands out by providing top-notch audio through its premium subscription package, user-friendly design as well as its price competitiveness. In summary, people’s choice concerning variety of content presentation quality and consumer experience determines whether they use Spotify or Deezer.

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