Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify?

Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify

If you are a fan of Garth Brooks, you will know that Garth Brooks’ content is mostly not available on Spotify or similar platforms, and there are many reasons of why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify, including his strong preference and value system, which prioritize fair compensation for songwriters and maintaining control over music distribution. This decision reflects his personal choice.

But we will delve deeply into why Garth Brooks chooses not to license his music to streaming platforms and much more, so today’s article will be quite enjoyable for Garth Brooks fans.

Why Is Garth Brooks not on Spotify/Apple Music?

The primary issue, Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify or Apple Music is that he likes to have control over his own music and its distribution. He believes in the traditional album listening experience and feels that songs availability on demand may undermine it. Besides, he is worried about songwriters and artists getting paid fairly. 

As a result of this, Garth Brooks chose Amazon Music for an exclusive deal because he felt it was more aligned with his goals for how music should be presented to his listeners. Despite having positive meetings with executives from Spotify and Apple Music, Brooks has chosen creative independence and fair payment as his main considerations hence making Amazon Music the platform for him where all of his vast amount of music can be streamed.

Garth Brooks’ Exclusive Deal with Amazon Music

The best-selling solo artist in the history of the US, Garth Brooks signed an exclusive deal with Amazon’s music-streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited. Unlike his previous negative attitude towards Spotify and Apple Music, this move by one of country music’s revered legends is a significant shift. As he joined Amazon Music Unlimited. 

Brooks had a desire to get more people listening to his music while still having the power to control how it is distributed and be sure that songwriters and musicians are fairly paid. As far as online music is concerned, this partnership depicts how Brooks would like to expand his horizons through taking advantage of Amazon as a platform in which case it enhances his ability to interact with fans and still maintain loyalty to what he considers as art.

Garth Brooks’ Control Over Music Distribution

Brooks’ music distribution strategy is an ideal case of someone who wants to maintain his/her independence and control over the art. Amid a widespread adoption of Spotify and Apple music streaming platforms by artists seeking wider reach, Garth has chosen instead to enter into exclusive partnerships mainly with Amazon Music. 

The outcome is that Brooks can decide on how albums and songs will be presented or consumed thereby keeping his artistic vision as well as principles he values so much. Thus, for him, garth brook’s conscious decision gives him control on how his albums and songs are eaten up in relation to their presentation hence remaining true to himself as an artist. This is because Brooks acknowledges the significance of owning your own music distribution in today’s digital music context where he opts for creative liberty at the expense of wide exposure.

Garth Brooks’ Views on Music Streaming

Different aspects of his music reflect his strong inclination towards creative control and fairness in artist remunerations. He believes that the possibility of requesting for another track through streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, interferes with the original idea of listening to an album in full. Brooks appreciates traditional radio play which earned him much at the beginning; he, however, fears that this can be undermined by streaming. 

Despite having good experiences while interacting with executives from Spotify and Apple Music, he finally inked a deal exclusively with Amazon Music because it fitted well into his vision. Brooks is a supporter of songwriters who should be paid royalties accordingly so as to protect musical rights for artists and maintain decency in the business.

Garth Brooks’ Relationship with Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music)

Control over the manner in which his music is disseminated and receiving a fair pay for artists and composers are the reasons why Garth Brooks has intentionally chosen not to make his music available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. In 2016, he made an exclusive deal with Amazon Music, because he felt it was more in line with how he believed listeners should experience his songs. On-demand song skipping concerns him because of its interference into traditional album listening experience. 

He has had good encounters with their CEOs, but feels that these two platforms go against his artistic values and preferred distribution methods. Thus, this is a reflection of the larger conversation in the industry about artist autonomy and equitable remuneration in the age of digital music . Through declining to be on Spotify or Apple Music, Garth Brooks demonstrates that he still wants to stay independent when it comes to releasing albums according to his own artistic beliefs.

Garth Brooks’ Catalog and Availability

In popular streaming platforms, Garth Brooks’ catalog and availability is very limited. His music can only be found in Amazon Music, where he released albums and songs for streaming on the site. After negotiations however, his entire discography became available for fans as at first only a few songs were up for streaming. Not even one song from the artist is available on Spotify or Apple Music because Garth Brooks has preferred to keep his music exclusive to Amazon Music so that he can have control over it and receive proper compensation for his work done. For people who want, his albums are also sold digitally via Amazon Music.

Challenges and Benefits of Music Streaming

Here are the challenges and benefits of music streaming that Garth Brooks considered:


  • Creativity control and the preservation of an album’s listening flow.
  • Streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, they feel do not necessarily respect this.
  • Concerns over how streaming services compensate songwriters and musicians fairly.


  • Access to more listeners and broader music market.
  • Chance to release music in a managed limited manner.
  • Choice to distribute according to one’s personal ethics and artistic principles.

Extra Tip

In the case of Garth Brooks, one can see a comparison being made between streaming platforms like Amazon Music and Spotify. Brooks decided to make his music exclusively available on Amazon Music, whereas his catalog is limited on platforms like Spotify. This comparison demonstrates how artists like Garth Brooks choose platforms to distribute their music that properly reflect their vision and values. If you want more information about comparing these platforms, the article “Spotify vs Amazon Music: which one is better in 2024?” will provide you with further insights.


Garth Brooks prefers to have his music distributed under his control and value fairness in payment for artistes which aligns more with platforms like Amazon Music.

Garth Brooks signed an exclusive agreement with Amazon Music Unlimited, therefore, making it possible for fans to access his songs on this specific platform.

Although he values their coverage, he thinks that they are responsible for destroying album listening culture as well as denying artists proper remuneration.

Amazon Musical respects his creative vision and promotes fair pay.

His music is exclusively on Amazon Music Unlimited, reflecting his yearning to have control over it and ensure justice.


If we consider this amazing article as a summary, first I mentioned to you that why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify and Apple Music. I explained the reasons for this and also mentioned that some of Garth Brooks’ content is available on Amazon Music but only for premium users. There’s a lot more to explore, such as Brooks’ perspective on various streaming platforms. Lastly, I’ve added a FAQs section where I’ve tried to address as many queries as possible. That’s it.

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