How To Download Music On Spotify

how to download music on Spotify

If you are a music lover, then you will definitely be a lover of Spotify as well. However, as we know, listening to songs on Spotify requires internet, and sometimes we face internet problem. The only solution to this problem is download the song, and if you don’t know how to download music on Spotify, don’t worry about it.

I’ll guide you in very simple steps. After following my steps, you won’t need an internet connection anymore. Once you download the song, you can listen to it everywhere, such as underwater, in a desert, on an airplane, and wherever.

how to download music on Spotify

Firstly, you’ll need to become a Spotify premium user to download songs on Spotify. If you’re not a premium user yet, go ahead and download the Spotify Premium APK to become a premium Spotify user. I will teach you the steps to download songs on Android via iPhone or on desktop through Spotify.

Step for Android and iPhone

carefully follow my steps, these are very easy steps:

Step 1: Open the Spotify app, then click on the Your Library, then click on the + button on the bottom right corner, after that create your Playlist and give the name to your playlist, then add the songs in this playlist that you wanna download.

how to download music on Spotify

Step 2: After successfully creating a playlist and adding songs to it, open the playlist and there will be a Download Songs icon on the right side under Enhance. Click on it. Lastly , click on the Download Button.

how to download music on Spotify

Step for desktop

The steps to download music on a desktop are similar to mobile steps

Step 1: Open Spotify and create a playlist, then add to that playlist the songs you wish to download. When you add songs to the playlist, select the specific song by clicking on them.

Step 2: When you select a song and pick it, there will be a Download button turned off on its right side; you have to turn it on and make it green, then your songs will start downloading to your PC/laptop.

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No, downloading music on Spotify is a premium feature, accessible only through a subscription. With Spotify Premium, users can download their favorite tracks for offline listening.

No, Spotify’s free tier doesn’t allow song downloads. To enjoy offline listening, users need to upgrade to Spotify Premium, which offers this feature along with an ad-free experience and enhanced audio quality.

Yes, Spotify Premium users can download entire albums for offline listening. This feature enables users to enjoy complete collections of their favorite artists’ work without relying on an internet connection, enhancing their listening experience and convenience.

With Spotify Premium, users can download up to 10,000 songs per device on a maximum of 5 devices.

No, downloaded Spotify songs are encrypted and can only be played within the Spotify app. This measure ensures that content remains protected and accessible only to premium subscribers.


We now encapsulate this article into a summary, if you want to listen to Spotify music without the internet, you need to have a Premium account. Once you get Premium, just make a playlist, add your favorite songs, and hit the download button. This way, you can take your tunes anywhere, like on long flights or out in the wild. Remember, you can’t download songs with a free account, and you can only listen to them in the Spotify app. Enjoy your music anytime, anywhere!

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