Spotify vs SoundCloud: Finding the Better Option in 2024

Spotify vs SoundCloud

SoundCloud and Spotify both are excellent streaming platforms in their own right, but today our main objective in this article is to determine which one is better. To achieve this, I have done extensive and comprehensive research on Spotify vs SoundCloud to know which one is better.

When I did research, I found that in many aspects, Spotify is better than SoundCloud, such as in audio quality and user experience. However, I’ll give you all the details about why Spotify is better in some areas. We’ll compare the features of both apps thoroughly.

Basic information about Spotify and SoundCloud

First, let’s learn some basic information about these two apps so that you can understand the thing better.


SoundCloud was founded in Berlin, Germany, in August 2007, it is an international music streaming platform and network. The English version works for people around the world. Having about 120 million people as monthly subscribers, it brings artists and fans together to share audio content. While it is not necessary to register, doing so allows you to post and upload stuff. What’s more, SoundCloud also serves as a social site and online forum thereby linking music with web communities.


Spotify was launched in Stockholm Sweden in April 2006. It is the world’s leading player in audio streaming and podcasting and is headquartered in Stockholm. It has fifteen offices based on different parts of the globe with its co-founders being Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon making it a notable platform for music enthusiasts.

It provides both free and paid subscription packages. In December 2023 it had 602 million monthly active users hence generating huge revenues that stood at 13.25 billion euros in 2023. Amid operational challenges, Spotify remains committed to innovation thus establishing itself as a major power within the global digital entertainment arena.

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Spotify vs SoundCloud Features Comparison

Music Catalog

SoundCloud, as of 2019 February, had a massive music library of over 200 million songs which was four times greater than Myspace’s. This implies that SoundCloud is home to all types of music and it has thus become the one-stop place for all artists and listeners globally.

Spotify also has the biggest digital library, having more than 100 million songs and about 5 million podcasts. Users can enjoy different types of audio materials from different media houses as well as record companies. In addition to its freemium nature which provides two subscription alternatives namely free and premium, the platform enables listeners to have a smooth time listening to their favorite tunes and casts.

I have presented the stats of both platforms before you. SoundCloud has won in the music catalog domain because they have more music content due to the easier process of uploading songs compared to Spotify.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of Spotify is depending on the plan you are subscribed to. With Spotify Free, users can stream audio at up to 160 kbit/s in Vorbis or 128 kbit/s in Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) for web player. On the other hand, Spotify Premium takes the listening experience to another level with up to 320 kbit/s in Vorbis and 256 kbit/s in AAC for web player. 

SoundCloud provides MP3 128kbps as its major format for audio quality which allows easier streaming without sacrificing much fidelity. For those listeners who want better clarity at higher tiers, however, SoundCloud offers a premium experience with AAC format at 256 kbps which results into deeper acoustic details and subtleties.

In terms of audio quality, Spotify easily wins this battle. Because Spotify Premium provides a better music experience with a more realistic sound throughout all the platform.

App Interface and User Experience

In Spotify, users can be able to access music through searching. They have options of searching by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label. Furthermore, users can create playlists and share them with others as well as collaborate on playlists.

The Soundcloud application interface was recently updated. The update adds some new features like related tracks, shuffle mode, and direct playlist editing among others. With these features music discovery and user experience are improved in new ways. In general, there is a nice UI and several awesome features found on Soundcloud.

Spotify is however very easy to use, so it is not difficult for new users. On the other hand, Soundcloud has a good UI and interface that helps users in music exploration as well. When it comes to UI and app interface, Spotify is slightly better than SoundCloud but only just.

Subscription Price

I have placed the subscription prices of these two apps in front of you so that you can buy whichever you desire according to your pocket’s convenience.



Individual Plan

$4.99/ month

Student Plan


Family Plan

$17 / month

Voice Plan


Individual Plan

$11 / month

Student Plan

$6 / month

Family Plan

$17 / month

Duo Plan

15 $ / month

Overall winner

In the Spotify vs SoundCloud features, Spotify is the overall winner due to its top audio quality, easy user experience, and extensive content offerings. With its biggest library and high-quality streaming. However, SoundCloud is also a very good streaming platform in its own right; there you can find even more music tracks than Spotify. And let me remind you that I’m not claiming Spotify as the overall winner from my end; I’m stating this after proper research.

Spotify vs SoundCloud: Premium Subscription Features

We have just looked at their subscription prices, and the comparison we have done so far is between the free versions of SoundCloud and Spotify, which means their music experience without a subscription. Now we will take a look at their premium versions, which will help us to determine which app’s subscription is worth it.

Spotify Premium

Advert-free Spotify Premium guarantees a smooth listening experience and enables you to enjoy your favorite playlists without interruption. You can listen offline, so in Spotify Premium, you don’t need to worry about your internet access. Also, the audio quality is ultimate, which means that it supports up to 320 kbps bitrate that enhances each beat and note for a fully immersive music experience.

SoundCloud Go+

SoundCloud Go+ allows you to listen to music without any interruptions from advertisements. In addition, subscribers can access their favorite tracks in full even when they are offline. Also, you don’t get much significant improvement in audio quality, but there is a slight improvement Furthermore, by including copyrighted songs from major labels in its expansive library, the service expands its range of top-notch music.

Overall Winner

Spotify has won again in the battle of premium versions, Spotify Premium offers you the opportunity to listen to music at a bitrate of 320 kbps, which SoundCloud Go+ does not provide. Additionally, it includes features such as uninterrupted listening, offline access, and the ultimate audio quality that Spotify provides to its premium users. In summary, Spotify Premium offers a more exclusive and good music experience for its users.


In comparison with Spotify which has 100 million songs and 5 million podcasts, SoundCloud boasts of a large music catalogue with over 200 million songs.

Spotify’s premium plan reaches up to 320kbps depending on the subscription plan while for SoundCloud premium tier it goes up to 256kbps AAC format.

The individual plan starts at $11 per month on Spotify whereas an individual plan on Soundcloud starts at $4.99 per month and both platforms have student and family plans but they slightly differ in their pricing structures.

It was recently updated by Soundcloud which now includes new features like related tracks and shuffle mode for better music discovery and user experience that everyone can use except for people who don’t know how to use computers.

Conclusion of this article

In this entire article, we explored which platform could be better on Spotify and SoundCloud in 2024. Firstly, we compared the features of both these apps, then we compared their premium versions. Moreover, we included a section of FAQs where we covered queries that we thought a reader might have regarding “Spotify vs SoundCloud”, and lastly, we provided a summary of this entire article.

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