Spotify vs Amazon Music: which one is better in 2024?

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Spotify and Amazon Music both are next-level music streaming platforms. But, you must have wondered in your mind: if both are such good music streaming platforms, then which one is better? Yes, the same thought had also come to my mind. over the past few days, I deeply researched on Spotify vs Amazon Music. I found that both are good music streaming platforms.

But each platform has its own specialties; for instance, Spotify is better in user interface, while Amazon Music is better in audio quality. Similarly, we will deeply compare the features of these two apps to determine which one is better. Also, we’ll compare their premium versions.

Spotify vs Amazon Music Features Comparisons

As I mentioned, we will compare the features of both apps side by side. Comparing them side by side will make it easier for us to understand which feature is better in which app so, let’s buckle up your seat belt and get ready for this amazing journey.

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Audio Quality

Amazon Music can compete with Spotify’s free version in terms of audio quality because, in Spotify’s free version, you can only listen to music at a bitrate of 160 kbit/s, whereas Amazon Music offers a bitrate of 256 kbit/s which is better audio quality than Spotify free version. We have only compared the free versions of these two apps so far.

Now, if we talk about the premium versions of these apps, my friend, in this regard, Amazon Music will easily outperform Spotify because Amazon Music Unlimited offers a feature to listen to songs in Ultra HD audio quality, with a bitrate of up to 320kbps. However, Spotify Premium is also not lacking in terms of audio quality. Also, Spotify premium version provides you 320kbps audio listening but not the Ultra HD quality. So, Amazon Music provides more clear and deep audio quality.

App Interface

The interface of both apps is quite similar, but Spotify provides a better library and mixes. Compared to Amazon Music, Spotify’s UI is significantly more flexible and easy to use. Also Spotify app interface is very user-friendly; everything is readily available on the front page, such as the search bar and playlists. 

On the other hand, I personally like the color combination of Amazon music, The combination of light blue and black gives this app a very cool look. Well, putting aside my personal opinion, Amazon Music also has a quite good UI. However, it’s not better than Spotify; I’m not saying that Amazon Music’s app interface is bad. What I mean is that, compared to both, Spotify has a better app interface.

Music recommendation

The algorithm for music recommendations works based on your song preferences. For example,if you listen to sad songs more than the other songs, your algorithm will primarily suggest you sad songs. So, in terms of music recommendation, Spotify is better. Because to recommend a song Spotify uses content-based filtering.

Generally, every music streaming app utilizes a content-based filtering algorithm to recommend things, and Amazon Music also employs the same approach for making recommendations. Basically, Spotify has more content than Amazon Music because Spotify has more popular, and when there is more content, it simply means there will be more songs. So, the one that best matches your music taste, Spotify will suggest to you.

Music Library

The Music Library of Amazon Music allows you to listen to millions of songs for free, including podcasts, audiobooks, playlists, albums, and more. Similarly, Spotify also provides free access to over 100 million songs, and you can also buy a subscription to access more exclusive content. 

However, The music library of Spotify is larger because Spotify is more popular, available on more devices, and accessible in more countries. Therefore, Spotify can give an edge to Amazon Music in the music library.


The availability of Spotify is almost universal, as it is accessible on every device. I also provide you with information about the devices on which it is available. On mobile, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android all devices. Moving to computers, Spotify is available on both Windows PCs and Mac computers its web browser is also available.

For those invested in smart speaker technology, Spotify is at home on Amazon Echo devices featuring Alexa integration, Google Home devices, and Apple HomePod. Television and entertainment systems are not left behind, with support for Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, Roku devices, PlayStation, and Xbox. while Amazon Music is also available on all those devices where Spotify is available. 

Subscription Prices

 If you want to enjoy your music without any ads or interruptions, you can buy subscriptions for both of these apps. I’ll tell you the prices for both, and now it depends on you which app’s subscription matches your pocket more.

Apple Music


Individual Plan


Student Plan

$6 / month

Family Plan

$17 / month

Voice Plan

$6 / month

Individual Plan

$11 / month

Student Plan

$6 / month

Family Plan

$17 / month

Duo Plan

15 $ / month

Over All 

Overall, after in-depth research on Spotify vs Amazon Music features comparison, Both platforms have their strengths. However, Spotify is the better choice for music lovers. With higher audio quality, a more intuitive interface, and a robust music recommendation algorithm, Spotify is more good in user interface and music recommendation. While Amazon Music offers competitive features, including Ultra HD audio, Spotify’s extensive content library, universal availability, and superior app interface position it as the preferred option for those seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable music streaming experience.

Spotify vs Amazon Music: Difference between apps

There isn’t much of a significant difference between these two apps; both apps are open-source music streaming platforms.The main difference between these two apps is the user interface (UI) of the app, UI refers to the app interface. Also their subscription prices and music libraries are different. Only these are the differences; there isn’t much else. 

And yes, as I mentioned in the above article, there is more content available on Spotify because it is more popular. Spotify provides access to approximately 100 million tracks for free, with some limitations. It’s worth noting that the actual number of tracks may exceed this estimate. On the other hand, Amazon Music offers free access to more than 40 million tracks, also with some limitations.


Amazon Music offers superior audio quality (256 kbit/s) compared to Spotify’s free version (160 kbit/s).

Amazon Music Unlimited’s premium version provides Ultra HD audio (up to 320kbps), surpassing Spotify Premium’s 320kbps.

Spotify’s interface is more flexible, user-friendly, and better than Amazon Music, offering better organization and a seamless experience.

Spotify’s content-based filtering results in more accurate and personalized recommendations, leveraging its larger and diverse content library.

Amazon Music’s Voice Plan ($6/month) allows voice-controlled access, while Spotify seamlessly integrates with voice-enabled devices.


So, with the conclusion of today’s journey, we present the entire article in concise lines. In this deeply researched article, we primarily compared ‘Spotify vs. Amazon Music’ to determine which one is better. We analyzed the features and pricing of both apps and, finally, added a FAQ section covering common queries. In conclusion, we have summarized the entire article. So, I’ll sign off for now, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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