How to connect Spotify to Discord

How to connect Spotify to Discord

On Spotify, you can listen to all kinds of songs, and you might wonder what makes it unique. Let me tell you, the special feature of Spotify is that it allows you to connect your Spotify account with multiple platforms like Alexa, and Discord. Today, we will learn how to connect Spotify to Discord in very easy steps; I will guide you through the connecting steps for all devices, such as on PC, on iPhone, as well as on Android.

How to connect Spotify to Discord?

As I mentioned before, I will guide you through the process of connecting on both PC and iPhone or Android. First, I will explain the process for Android, followed by iPhone, and then PC.

On Android and iPhone

In both iPhone and Android, the same steps are implemented to connect Spotify with Discord. To do this, you need to follow the steps I am telling you, step by step. I hope you can easily accomplish them.

Before starting, you need to open your Discord on your mobile. After opening the app, log in your account. Then you need to glance around a bit. You’ll notice three lines on the top corner, click on them. After that click on your Profile, and select the Connections. 

How to connect Spotify to Discord Step 1:

Then click on the Add, select Spotify. Lastly, fill your Spotify account login details and click on the agree. Congratulations, you have successfully connected your account to Discord.

How to connect Spotify to Discord Step 2:

On Desktop

The process of connecting Spotify to Discord on a mobile phone might be a bit challenging for you, but on desktop, connecting Spotify to Discord is very simple, just like a piece of cake.

Make sure to open Discord first on your desktop, and if you’re not logged into Discord, first login your account. Then click on user settings, select my account, select spotify. After that enter your spotify account login details, thats it your Spotify account will be connected to Discord.


Yes, on both Android and iPhone, open Discord, go to your Profile > Connections > Add > Spotify. Enter your login details and agree.

No, on desktop, open Discord, go to User Settings > My Account > Spotify. Enter your Spotify login details to connect.

No, each Discord account can only be linked to one Spotify account at a time.

No, both free and premium Spotify accounts can be connected to Discord.

Go to Discord settings, find Connections, locate Spotify, and click “Remove.” Your Spotify account will be disconnected.

No, you have control. You can choose to display your Spotify status on Discord, but it’s not automatic.


In this ride, we learned how to connect Spotify to Discord on various devices such as Android, iPhone, and Dekstop. We also add a FAQs section which clarify that one Discord account can link to one Spotify account, and both free and premium Spotify accounts work. Users can disconnect by going to Discord settings, finding Connections, locating Spotify, and clicking “Remove.” Additionally, Spotify activity won’t automatically share on Discord; users have control over displaying their status. Lastly, we make a summary of this article and that’s it I’m out.

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