10 Best Spotify Alternatives in 2024

10 Best Spotify Alternatives in 2024

Spotify is the world’s number 1 music streaming platform. Yes, you read it right, and I am not saying this from my side. Recently, there was an Edison Research, and according to that research, it is the top in the music streaming world. And today I shall tell you some Spotify alternatives.

After exploring several alternatives to Spotify, you can experience your favorite music on various other music streaming platforms. So, today we are discussing the 10 best Spotify alternatives and also exploring their unique features, subscription plans, and more. 

Best Spotify Alternatives You Should Try

1. Apple Music

In the race of music platforms, Apple Music is in second position. Apple Music Offers high-quality audio quality and Personalized Recommendations you can also listen to the songs offline by purchasing a subscription. Apple Music was launched for iOS users around 6 years after Spotify, and if we look at it, Apple Music has quickly established a good reputation compared to Spotify. This is mainly due to the outstanding features of Apple Music that make it a next-level music streaming app.

2. Amazon Music

Amazon Music allows users to access a wide library of songs, albums, and playlists. Amazon Music offers FLAC format music experience, subscription plans, including Amazon Music Free ad-supported with limited features, Amazon Music Prime included with Amazon Prime membership, offering a limited selection of songs, and Amazon Music Unlimited (a paid subscription service with a much larger catalog of over 70 million songs, higher audio quality.

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3. YouTube Music

The standout feature of YouTube Music is that, if you can’t remember the name of a song, you can still listen to it by typing its lyrics. Moreover, the music recommendations of YouTube Music are much better than Spotify. On YouTube Music, like Spotify, there are also 100 million tracks, and having 100 million tracks is a significant feat. So, if you need an alternative to Spotify, YouTube Music is a good option.

4. SoundCloud

If you want to become an artist and deliver your music worldwide, SoundCloud is better than Spotify because you don’t need any third-party apps on SoundCloud, it offers a unique opportunity to build a fanbase also, SoundCloud gives you access to 130 million songs for free, SoundCloud offers high-quality audio, user-friendly interface, and many more. That features makes SoundCloud an outstanding alternative to Spotify. You can also purchase a subscription to enjoy its premium features

5. Pandora

Until now, I have mentioned various Spotify alternatives to you. Among them, Pandora is the oldest, and as of recently in 2024, it reportedly has around 50 million users. Pandora maintains its unique legacy, similar to Spotify, by offering its users quality streaming services. If you listen to songs on Pandora without a subscription, you will have to encounter audio ads, and Pandora’s free version has limited features.

6. Deezer

After Pandora, Deezer is the oldest one there is launched in 2007, The great thing about Deezer is, that it offers a free 1-month trial package, during which you get the opportunity to experience ad-free and high-quality listening. On the other hand, by purchasing a Deezer premium subscription you can enjoy its all premium features, and Deezer Premium is the perfect spotify alternative its premium version offers you Flac format music, unlimited skips and shuffles, ads-free listing, and many more features.

7. Tidal

Tidal provides a Hi-fi subscription FLAC music format that is a very high-quality music format, up to 1411 kilobits per second bitrate. In every music streaming platform, audio quality matters a lot. and Tidal offers a different level of sound quality compared to platforms like Spotify. Moreover, Tidal not only excels in high-quality audio but also boasts a user-friendly UI interface, making it easy to use similar to Spotify. This is also a good alternative to Spotify.

8. iHeartRadio

If you are a podcast listener, You should definitely use iHeartRadi. It offers various podcasts, including news, entertainment, storytelling, and interviews. Also, iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access, launched in 2016, provide subscription-based on-demand services with additional features such as the ability to replay songs and create custom playlists. If you want an ad-free experience, iHeartRadio offers subscription plans called iHeartRadio Plus. in iHeartRadio you’ll be able to enjoy your song or podcast without any ads or limitations.

9. JioSaavn

If you are a Bollywood song lover, then JioSaavn is a perfect music streaming platform for you. It provides you with free access to 80 million tracks, and you can enjoy songs in 16 different Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, and more. Similar to Spotify, JioSaavn offers subscription plans where you can get additional features like improved audio quality and ad-free listening. Even in the normal version of JioSaavn, you can listen to your favorite tracks with some limitations.

10. BBC Radio

Until now, I have mentioned various Spotify alternatives, among which the case of BBC Radio is a bit different. BBC Radio is a large radio broadcasting service where you can not only listen to music but also tune in to live radio stations, news, talk shows, and cultural programs. There is a slight difference between Spotify and BBC Radio, but if someone enjoys listening to live radio, then BBC Radio serves as a perfect alternative for them.

All alternative subscription prices

PlatformMonthly SubscriptionAvailabilityFree Trial PeriodFamily Plan
Apple Music$10.99/monthMobile, desktop, Mac3 months$16.99/month
Amazon Music$9.99/monthMobile, desktop, Mac1 monthNot available
YouTube Music$10.99/monthMobile, desktop, Mac1 month$16.99/month
SoundCloud$9.99/monthMobile, desktop, Mac30 daysNot available
Pandora$9.99/monthMobile, desktop, Mac60 days$14.99/month
Deezer$11.99/monthMobile, desktop, Mac30 days£19.99/month
Tidal$9.99/monthMobile, desktop, Mac30 days$16.99/month
iHeartRadio$9.99/monthMobile, desktop, MacN/A$14.99/month
JioSaavn₨ 99.00 /monthMobile, desktop, Mac7 daysNot available
BBC Radio£159/yearMobile, desktop, MacN/A
Not available


In this Spotify alternatives journey, we explored some of the best alternatives to Spotify and discussed the reasons why these streaming platforms serve as alternatives to Spotify. Additionally, we added a separate section in this article, featuring a table where we provided information about the subscriptions of all apps. This ensures that, if you are considering a Spotify alternative, you can choose the one that offers the maximum premium features through its subscription.

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